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Urban Mining

At TERiCOm we engineer nature and mine technology; while It may seem backward, it turns out it's a part of what we need to become a more efficient and advanced civilization.

Raw Material Extraction

The second most efficient form of recycling is the extraction of raw materials for immediate use in the creation of something new

Electronics Repurposed

The most efficient form of recycling is repurposing components as-is,

Turning trash into treasure.

Digital Data Disposal

Secure physical destruction of your data is the only true way to secure sensitive data. It's likely that future data recovery methods will arise which will make it easy to extract even fully encrypted data.

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The Most Secure Destruction of Data

We employ a natural chemical treatment to dissolve your disk and with it your data. There is no form of true software level data destruction. Erasing and even secure erasing is not enough. With the advent of quantum computing and other advanced data recovery methods. The only true way to eliminate your sensitive data is the molecular destruction of your data. For your most sensitive data, we can provide video footage of destruction which includes the serial number or other identifying information and a visual of the complete destruction of your hard drive.

We don't stop there, after the complete destruction of your data, we recover the valuable resources contained within each component, for future use in the construction of new products. The raw materials will go to good use, as opposed to decaying in a landfill or junkyard heap.

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