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Meet The Team

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Travis Wesselmann

CEO & Founder

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Travis has been innovating new ways to tackle challenges, bridge communities, and improve global living conditions. As a big-picture oriented individual, he insists on tackling the most important challenges we face today as a global community no matter how daunting the task may seem. With over a decade spent in technology architecture and a drive to continuously learn, he intends to build something truly revolutionary to address the top ten issues we face today. A fusion of engineering, technology, art, and communication will drive mankind forward into a bright future.

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John Spurr

Product Evangelist

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A passionate communicator, and orator, with a deep-found love for people and technology: John is always looking for ways to connect and synchronize for the furthering of all that is good. With nearly a decade of experience in public speaking, outreach, and sales, John is key to the mission of TERiCOm when reaching out to governments organizations and communities. John shares in the values of creating a brighter future through innovation and transformation of land, resources, transportation, and communication.

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Stephen Petzold

DevOps Programmer

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As a young aspiring student in the fields of machine learning, and AI Stephen is driven to use his programming arsenal for the vast improvement of living conditions in desolate regions, and smart cities of the future. At TERiCOm we are offering a program for his development and growth in the fields of AI, Machine Learning, and Automation. Stephen has made great leaps forward in his study since his time in our DevOps Intern program. He is highly motivated, self-driven and most certainly a rising start in his field.

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